Fastest Way to Fix Credit: Info You Need to Know About Fixing Up Your Credit Report and Finances

2 min readApr 24, 2022


Fixing credit isn’t as difficult as you might think, if you understand the steps that need to be taken and try to get your credit reports fixed up. The problem with trying to do everything yourself is that the process can take a lot of time, effort, and patience. If you really want to get everything cleared up as soon as possible, the fastest way to fix credit is to request assistance from professional credit repair analysts — particularly those with actual lawyers involved.

In the internet world of endless options, finding the ideal credit repair service might not be as easy as most people would like. You have to filter out all of the ones that get a lot of negative reviews and have a reputation for scamming people. One red flag is any claim that seems too good to be true, such as “Increase Your Score 50+ Points in Just 30 Days!” Even in the best case scenarios, that will be HIGHLY unlikely, since it will take at least 30 days for them to hear back from the credit bureaus about whether or not your negative items will be removed. Even if they are, it’ll probably take a bit more time to start seeing the score increase.

Fastest Way to Fix Credit With a Legitimate Company

Still, there are LEGITIMATE companies out there, and working with them is the fastest way to fix credit for most people. It might also be in your best interest to consult with a debt settlement / relief company in addition to a credit repair company. It all depends on the severity of your credit issues and how much of it you are confident in handling yourself.

It might be easier to handle some of your credit issues yourself if you know exactly what is causing your score to be low. You’re entitled to request and review copies of your own credit report free once a year from all three bureaus: Equifax, Transunion, and Experian. If you haven’t already done that this year, do it right now. Examine it all carefully, and if there is any information that seems inaccurate or unfair, the report should provide you with the information you need to dispute that information.

You can also try to catch up on any bills you are struggling with. Try your best to keep up with all of your payments.

If it’s all too much for you, then it’s okay to seek help. Consider a company like Lexington Law, if it’s available in your state. There are a lot of positive reviews that indicate that this firm offers the fastest way to fix credit.